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Toxic Toys

Healthy Toys, part of the Ecology Center, a research organization in Michigan just released results of extensive testing of heavy metals and toxic chemicals in 1,500 toys, including lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury, chlorine and PVC, among others. The findings: 1 in 3 toys has significant levels of toxic substances!

What can you do? Go to their website at healthytoys.org for results of this testing on 1,500 toys. In the store shopping? Text them. Type “healthytoys [name of toy], send to 41-411 to receive immediate information on that toy!

Have you already bought some contaminated toys? Consider returning toys to them. Tell the store why you are returning the merchandise as a consumer advocacy action that will reinforce their efforts to go green and make all children safer.

Many toys have some levels of heavy metals and toxic substances yet are not considered dangerous and one of the questions is how ingestive and dangerous is that level. Healthy Toys won’t provide evaluations on these questions; they can only give the significance of amounts of substances contained.

One of the worst findings? Children’s jewelry contains on average 5 times more lead than other products categories. And of these, Disney’s Hannah Montana jewelry is exceptionally high in lead, especially the 2 heart necklace. Other toys singled out: Road Races, LeapFrog’s Leapster2/Wall-E, Thistle Blocks, Little Tikes Bath Letters & Numbers and Circo brand shoes.

For those of you who want to go greener for your children and grandchildren, here are some toy manufacturers that insist on healthy products http://www.greentoys.com, http://www.underthegreenroof.com
http://www.ecomall.biz.toys.htm (links to 30 sites for green toys), http://www.magiccabin.com, http://www.toys-to-you.co.uk/acatalog/childrens_toys.html, and http://www.coolmompicks.com/safertoy07/.

Have a Merry and Greener Christmas!



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