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http://www.epicurious.com/articlesguides/blogs/editor/green/Why Organic Wine? My crowd loves it’s wine, but no one ever brings organic wine. I would venture that most of them have incorporated some version of eating more healthily and organically, yet, seem not to stretched out to organic spirits! I say this, since that turns out to be the case for most people who are taking responsibility for their health and the health of the planet. At least, it was the case in 2003. Since, 6 years later, there’s still this pattern in my circles, I suspect it’s still there everywhere else, though changing.

Here’s some of what I have learned from Natural Home (one of my most favorite magazines of all!).

Organic wine needs to breathe before it is consumed, so it’s good to let it be uncorked for 2 – 24 hours! before imbibing. Enzymes in organic wines are alive, making these wines even more healthy for us. Try tasting them 2 hours after being uncorked, then 4 hours, 6 hours, 12. The taste will continue to change as the wild bitterness of the alive enzymes tames. Good for our digestive system, yet they begin to vinegarize within one week.

Perhaps people avoid the organic wines because they assume they will not be as good, but even by 2003, organic vintners were beginning to win blue ribbons gold medals.

Did you know that conventional vintners add the sulfur dioxide or sulfites to “ensure stabilization and increase longevity, apply hundreds of chemicals to eradicate pests and prevent disease, and use animal products to clarify wine” (May/June 2003)? Organic wine growers create much healthier soil conditions that result in better tasting grapes, reduce groundwater pollution and soil erosion, and are much better for the farmers, and those who work the vineyards.

Did you also know (I didn’t ) that the EPA (that bastion of health consciousness–not!), says that 60% of all herbides, 90% of all fungicides, and 30% of all insecticides now used are carcinogeni (according to the townhall coalition’s website)! Any wonder that cancer seems rampant?

Even Giant Eagle now carries a few brands of organic wine: Daily Red, Bonterra, and Frey are all found there. Natural food stores often carry many more brands of organic wines.

So, what important reason can there be for not drinking organic wines?



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