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I have long been a proponent of natural and organic skin care, knowing how unhealthy commercial skin care products are for us and knowing that the average woman uses 9 products on her skin before she leaves the house in the morning.

Day after day, week after week, applying chemicals to our skin, which is actually more effective in absorbing what is on it than our stomachs are with what is in them, takes many different tolls. Just look at the skin of most women who have worn make up daily since they were teenagers. That skin has so little opportunity to breathe, that it can’t help but not retain a natural glow.

Even more insidious is the effect of all the chemicals, many of which are either carcinogenics or endocrine distruptors. We all know what carcinogenics are, but just in case you don’t know what an endocrine disruptor is, it is a chemical that throws off our hormonal balance. From phthalates to the parabens, they can cause neurological and hormonal damage.

Ever wonder why more more women are having problems with menstrual cycles and with menopause? These chemicals that are found in the products and in the plastic bottles in which they are sold are hard to avoid unless you are buying natural and preferably organic personal care products. This video and article on Dr. Mercola’s site gives you more information and tips. He also sells an organic line of skin care, but even if you don’t want to purchase his products, his information is excellent!


Here’s to natural beauty!


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While I wrote the blog extolling the virtues of lawns, that was a comparison to concrete, dirt, gravel, etc. While lawns do decrease pollution and heat (as long as you don’t use chemicals to fertilize and remove weeds), they can be a tremendous waste of natural resources.

What could be grown to provide food for you and/or for wildlife, instead of an expanse of green lawn? What trees could provide more food, shade, and homes for birds and squirrels. For that matter, what shrubs could provide both food and nesting areas for birds and butterflies? How could what you grow support the bedraggled bee population? How could you support biodiversity in your very own yard?

There are many answers to these questions, and it’s not my point to answer them here, just to ask the questions.

How much energy could be saved if you didn’t have a lawn that needed mowed every week from the late spring to early fall? And what if that same expanse needs water periodically, or daily, through the season, or year?

My suggestion? Keep enough for children to play in and let the rest go natural, be filled with visual interest, and betterĀ  support life!

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The Lawn Advantage

The Lawn Advantage

At my favorite farmer’s market this morning, I picked up a little pamphlet, “How Green are Your Spaces?” by Project Evergreen.

Here are some of their great tips:

1) Just 3 shade trees can save you between $100 and $250/ year in energy consumption!

2) When you water your lawn early in the day, between 5 am and 10 am, that water is much better absorbed rather than evaporated.

3) One tree can remove up to 26 pounds of carbon dioxide in a year, the equivalent of about 11,000 miles of car emissions. What can they do for the quality of your air?

4) A tranquil and kid-friendly* yard helps both adults and children to be calmer, happier, more grounded and centered-especially when time is spent outdoors. Depriving children of significant outdoor time is not good for anyone’s health!

5) Grass and green landscaping reduces dust, dirt and air pollutants, cools your property, and maturely landscaping adds up to 20% to the value of your property.

*a kid friendly yard is one where natural products have been used to grow, fertilize and provide pest control. Google natural lawn care; you might be surprised! And don’t forget using either electric, or better yet reel mowers.

We can do so much, so easily to rebalance our world with greater health, beauty, love and peace. Our opportunites are endless!!

In the service of Life!


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